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The Land of Parsa: The First Persian Homeland невидимки parsa beauty серии wild
Geography can offer a significant contribution to the history of a region. In this context the geographical situation and strategic position of Parsa, modern Fars in south-west Iran from where two Great ancient Persian Empires, Achaemenids and Sassanids raised seems to have had the principal role in the historical development of Ancient Persia. The land which came to be named Parsa had been inhabited long before the arrival of the Persians. It was an important Elamite centre called Anshan in the Iranian highlands at least from the third millennium BC. Following the immigration of the Persians into Iran, it became the homeland and the birthplace one of the greatest empire, Achaemenid that the world had seen until that time. In this work, based on the archaeological evidence, classical sources, the cuneiform and other ancient texts and linguistic affinities together with historical and geographical proofs and by using the historical methodology, the significant role of Parsa where two of the Persian Capitals , Pasargadae and Persepolis located and its position in ancient times from the early history to the end of the Achaemenid period in 331 BC has been explored.
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Тканевые маски и патчи Beauty Host Набор Маска-пленка для носа Wild chrysanthemum nose mask,10*8 гр. невидимки parsa beauty серии wild
Экстракт дикой хризантемы обладает антибактериальным, противовоспалительным и антисептическим свойствами, помогает избавиться от черных точек, сужает поры, предотвращает возникновение комедонов. Подходит для ухода за любого типа, особенно проблемной кожей. Способствует устранению пигментации и дефектов кожи после акне.
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Wild Food Products And Household Food Security невидимки parsa beauty серии wild
Wild Food Products and Household Food Security, transcribed from the thesis "Use of Wild Food Products in Relation to Household Food Security in Nepal from Gender Perspective" encompasses a detail case study on buffer zones of Shivapuri National Park and Parsa Wildlife Reserve in Nepal, where crop depredation by wild animals has been playing a prominent role in aggravating the scenario of food insecurity in the rural areas. The research investigates further into gender, income, livelihood, management practice of forest resources and its use in different aspects such as land size, women’s participation in conservation, wildlife damage, daily and annual consumption of cultivated and wild food, nutritional status of women, children and chemical analysis of food. The study furthermore emphasizes on property ownership right such as land, women responsibility in household food security and women status in the patriarchal Nepalese society.
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The Beauty Of Wild Muga Silk невидимки parsa beauty серии wild
Silk fibre is a wonderful gift of nature. Man has always been inquisitive for silk because of its amazing properties. The Golden yellow Muga silk is a wild variety of silk and is eco-friendly.It is called pride of Assam state of India. This book explains various unique properties of different types of silk fibres, especially Muga silk. This book emphasizes history, properties, research findings and dyeing process optimization for this beautiful Muga silk fibre. The silk can be effectively dyed with almost all common dyes. Here include detailed study of dyeing Muga silk fabric with different classes of reactive dyes and also study the effect of dyeing on the physical properties of Muga silk fabric. The book may prove very useful for the students,researchers and all other people,interested in silk fibre.
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