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Electric Dispenser Water Dispenser Bottled Drinking Water Bottle Pump 24v dc water pump exported to 58 countries dc water pump reorder rate up to 80
Description: Specially designed new electric water pump, used for 5 liter-5 gallon drinking water bottle. Economical. 2"D" size batteries will last for 8 to 10 months (based on 5 gallons per week usage). Able to discharge about 260 gallons (1.000liters) when used continuously And this part can be slides according to the height of bottle. Adjustable the bottle cap according to the depth of container Fits most standard bottled water size.Easy to operate,Simple to assemble,No drips or leakage Applicable in liquids with low viscosity, such as sport drinks, alcoholic drink, etc. in additon to water. Easily installed and used at home, restaurants, office, hospitals, parties, great for the cabin, camping, school, etc. Features & details: Item: D-V Bio Battery Pump Model No.: 29799 (DC) Power: 2X"D" Size dry cell batteries Flow Rate: 0.9-1.0 gallon/min (3.51-4 liter/min) Material: ABS, P.E, Nylon, P.C, SUS 316 food-grade COLD/HOT Temp. : 32 F (0 C) / 140 F (60 C) Dimension: 72x7x7cm Package Included: 1 X Drinking Water Pump
13.99 RUR
10L/min DC 12V Mini Brushless Water Pump 24v dc water pump exported to 58 countries dc water pump reorder rate up to 80
This brushless water pump is designed for hydroponics, aquarium, garden pond, fountain, automotive cooling systems, PC water cooling, solar circulation system, small irrigation systems, hot water circulation system, etc. Features Brushless, permanent magnetic motor, with low noise(less than 30db), without commutation spark or electromagnetic interference. The max. current is up to 10L/min, 600L/h with the highest pump head of 5m. Can be used for much liquid, such as water, oil, refrigerant and etc. With perfect waterproofness, suitable for different occasions, such as water dispenser, medical equipment, coffee maker, refrigerator and etc. Long working life, more than 20,000 hours in rated rotate speed of 1600-10000rpm. Specifications Max Horizontal Flow Rate10L/min(160GPH) Max Static Lift5m Rated VoltageDC 12V Max Load Current 1A-2A Lifespan ≤20000 hours Noise≤38db Working Temperature 50℃ Package Contents 1 x Water Pump
282.44 RUR