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VNS Down Feather Pillow Slow Rebound Memory Pillow Cervical Health Care Pillow - Pink 2pcs lot mulberry silk pillow five star hotel feather silk light pillows zero pressure memory neck health for bedding
By the health care cervical vertebra Sedentary office stiff neck a headache reduce work efficiency By plane by train travel long distances cervical vertebra painful neck is a neck pain after a nap At his desk for a long time study coupled with the study pressure make cervical under pressure Driver fatigue driving especially for a long time driving will make the long-term stress of cervical vertebra affect driving safety Proper sleep is important to our daily life. Waking up with pain in your neck and back is not a good way to start the day. When lying on your back the cervical spine retains its natural gently curved contour. When lying on your side the cervical spine is held straight which is correct and comfortable in this position.
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