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Navo MACH3  5 axis CNC Stepper Motor Driver Interface Board w/ USB Cable - Green + Silver cnc mach3 usb 4 axis kit 3pcs tb6600 stepper driver mach3 usb stepper motor controller board 3pcs nema17 motor power supply
Features: 1)Full support for MACH3 KCAM4 EMC2 and support parallel port that control the host computer software; 2)USB and periphery power supply are separated to ensure the safety of the computer. 3)High periphery voltage input of 12-24VCounter receive function 4)With five input portsit can be connected to the limit switch emergency stop and other input devices. 5)The first channel relay can be used to control spindle start and stop.The output interface is P17. 6)All the 17 interfaces are open and are available for the connection of drivers and control 5 axis stepper motor 7)It's convenient to use for the port names are marked on the board. CD: http://m5.img.dxcdn.com/CDDriver/CD/sku.294387.rar
939.21 RUR