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MaiTech 03100650 12V Human Body Induction Sensor Switch Module - Green lp 1630 48w body sensor sensing switch module 5a for led strip light lighting new 2017
Features: Based on infrared technology automatic control products when someone come into the switch sensing range special sensors detect changes in the infrared spectrum of the human body output high automatically people do not leave the sensing range of activities will continue to output high; After people left switch delay and automatically shut down load. With high sensitivity high reliability widely used in various auto-sensing electrical equipment. Scope: Advertising digital photo frame LED strip lighting and other electrical automatic control and other functions and can be used for security purposes. Trigger mode: continuous trigger can not be continued trigger. Delay time: 15 seconds by default Low power consumption: switch its power consumption <0.00005W Operating voltage: 12V DC Sensing distance: 2~5 meters Sensing angle: 140 degree cone angle Light control sensing: 5~-500LUX Ambient temperature: -20~+50'C
413.25 RUR