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I102804 2.8 TFT Touching LCD Module - Blue mr27v3252j 058 2m word x 16 bit or 4m word x 8 bit otp
Model I102804 Quantity 1 Color Blue Material Copper plate Features 2.8" TFT LCD module Specification Controller: ILI9325 touch screen: 4 line resistance type pin: 37pin spacing 1.0mm backlight: 4-LED parallel; Supports SD card (SPI mode) max. supports 2GB; Supports DATAFLSH (can be word stock); supports 16 / 8 digit 8080 BI; 180 degree rotation; 240 x 320 pixel 0.26 million color; 16 bit parallel interface optional 8 parallel interface mode; R7 open circuit on the switch board is 16 bit mode R7 short circuit on that board is 8 bit model (8 mode data cable joint hight 8 low 8 impending); Can use AVR PIC C51 ARM STM32 as drive Application 2.8" TFT touching LCD module Packing List 1 x 2.8 TFT touching LCD module
1204.36 RUR