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SKYZONE SKY01 FPV Video Goggles w/ 5.8GHz Dual Diversity 32-CH Receiver - Black skyzone sky01 fpv video goggles w 5 8ghz dual diversity 32 ch receiver black
Glasses Type: Video Glasses Frequency: 5.8GHz Channels: 32-CH Resolution: 854 x 480(WVGA) 1229760 color sub-pixels Brightness: 350cd/ IPD: 60-68mm Adjustable FOV: 30 degrees (Diagonal) Dimensions: 168(L) x 92.5(W) x 41(H)mm (Not include prominent part). The FPV Google with Built-in 5.8Ghz Dual Diversity Receiver and Dual Antenna port can receive 2 different channels at the same time and automatically for best reception. It working in diversity mode to achieve good signal utilization and improve the image quality. It supports 4 Bands and total 32-channels (Bands selection and Resulting Frequencies see details in Specifications). Description: The all-in-one goggles with build- in A/V receiver and virtual real-time large-screen display can connect with the RC Transmitter with a data cable RC Transmitter supply power to the AIO GOGGLES. Along with the AIO GOGGLES tracking signal output to the RC Transmitter the AIO goggles tracking signal and the RC Transmitter control signal received by the receiver in the RC Aircraft. Images and sound captured by Camera are transmitted to the sky by the A/V Transmitter Then AIO GOGGLES can receive video and audio within a certain range people who wear a AIO goggles can see the images from the virtual real-time large-screen display and hear the sound from the earphone.
23657.25 RUR