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NEJE CH0001-1 Air Power Soccer Disc Multi-Surface Hovering And Gliding Toy - Black + White surface to air джинсы surface to air wss11 jtr 1 бежевый
Soccer + Hovercraft = Air Power Soccer Disc The Air Power Soccer Disc is a combination of hovercraft technology and kicking stuff. That's a darned good combo. A powerful fan on the underside of the Air Power Soccer Disc allows the toy to glide around your house on a pillowy cushion of air. Instead of rolling the Air Power Soccer Disc slides around on a pillow of air. Won't break your stuff The Air Power Soccer Disc was designed for indoor fun. It features a thick and heavy-duty foam bumper that ensures the safety of your furniture walls and other valuables. It bounces harmlessly off chair legs walls and pets without making a mark. Its substantial foam padding protects both the disc and your furniture. Glides smoothly across most surfaces The Air Power Soccer Disc works wonderfully on most smooth surfaces including low-pile carpet wood floors polished concrete and linoleum. While possible to use the Air Power Soccer Disc outdoors we recommend using it on perfectly level indoor surfaces. The Air Power Soccer Disc works on any flat and smooth surface such as low-pile carpet wood linoleum and concrete. Tough and durable construction The Air Power Soccer Disc is made from durable yet lightweight impact-resistant plastic. Its thick bumper takes a beating so your furniture and walls remain unharmed. And the batteries are arranged so as to ensure equal weight distribution for a level hover. The Air Power Soccer Disc requires four AA batteries (not included).
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Effect Of Air Polishing on Tooth Surface surface to air джинсы surface to air wss11 jtr 1 бежевый
The concept of air polishing is based on a technology developed by Dr. Robert Black in 1945. Black invented a device called the Air Dent, which used compressed air, water and a highly abrasive powder to eliminate pain from cavity preparation, making anesthesia unnecessary. Air polishing was first marketed in 1976. Air-powder polishing is accomplished by the propulsion of abrasive particles through a mixture of compressed air and water which is passed through a handpiece nozzle. Kinetic energy propels the air polishing abrasive particles against the tooth surface, thus removing stain and/or dental plaque.
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